Characteristics of Li-ion cordless drill
2022.1.10 MPT

In our MPT, we have many li-ion products, today we will introduce our li-ion cordless drill to you.

Li-ion cordless drill are mainly used for drilling holes and screwing screws. In many scenes, we will use li-ion cordless drills, such as ceramic tile drilling, aluminum alloy drilling, steel plate drilling, plastic drilling, wood drilling and so on.


Our products have three functions:

Torque regulation: The MPT lithium electric drill has 19 adjustment gears, of which gears 1-18 are suitable for screwing screws (the higher the gear level, the greater the torque), and the drilling function gear is suitable for drilling. Small screws are suitable for small torque, while large screws or self-tapping screws require large torque.  

Mechanical speed regulation: When the MPT lithium drill is adjusted to the high gear, the maximum speed can reach 1500 rpm in this state. In low gear, the maximum speed is 400 rpm. High speed and high efficiency, suitable for punching; At low speed, the torque is large, which is suitable for screwing.  

Stepless speed regulation: The button with stepless speed change function can realize the control of the speed, which is light on time with low speed and heavy on time with high speed, so the user can easily realize the control of the speed.


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