Products recommendation-High pressure washer
2021.12.28 MPT

High pressure washer is cordless products that you can use it without plugged. It is also portable to use when you out of door. There are two replaceable nozzle. The different nozzle can show different water flow, which can easily work in different places.

21V 4.0Ah Li-ion battery,4000mAh battery capacity,500w. It can work 1.5 hour with full charge. The max pressure can reach 507PSI,1.0GPM water flow,20ft water pipe length.


In order to work conveniently, we offer many spare parts in the box.  

1 x MCPW2103 Cordless Pressure Washer; 2 x 4.0Ah Li-ion Battery;1 x 1.5 Hour Fast Charger; 2 x Nozzles; 1 x Long Cleaning Lance; 1 x Short Cleaning Lance; 1 x Soap Mixture Container; 1 x 20Ft Draw Hose; 1 x Carry Case; 1 x Instruction.


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