The difference between brushed motor and brushless motor
2021.11.03 MPT

1Definition of brush motor and brushless motor

A brushed motor is a rotating electric machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy (motor) or converts mechanical energy into electrical energy (generator) with a built-in brush device.

The brushless DC motor is composed of a motor body and a driver, and is a typical mechatronic product.

2:The advantages of brushless motors and brushed motors

Brushed motors

1. The brush motor has simple structure, long development time and mature technology

2. The brushed DC motor has fast response speed and large starting torque

3. The DC brushed motor runs smoothly, with good starting and braking effects

4. High control precision of DC brushed motor

5. The use cost of the DC brush motor is low, and the maintenance is convenient

6. No brush, low interference

7. Low noise and smooth operation

8. Long life and low maintenance cost

Brushless motors:

 low noise, no sparks, more power saving, long life, high power upper limit, high speed, compact structure


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