Happy team building time
2021.11.03 MPT

This month, in order to increase the enthusiasm of employees, enhance team cohesion and centripetal force, and enrich the life activities of employees. Our company went to Panlong Valley for barbecue.


At ten o'clock in the morning of October 30th, we will gather at Panlong Valley. We have prepared a lot of snacks, fruits, barbecue and chicken soup. I hope everyone can enjoy this barbecue.

Our colleagues are grilling us, and the aroma is floating over, everyone can't help the temptation of delicious food

Steaming chicken soup is out of the pot.

Everyone worked together to make dumplings, and the lovely dumplings will come out one by one.


The happy barbecue time passed quickly. This event not only enriched everyone's spare time, but also eased the pressure at work, and at the same time promoted communication between colleagues in various departments.


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